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Riding Lessons

You will learn the proper riding and training techniques and why they work. Whether you are a beginning rider, starting over again, changing to a new riding discipline or getting ready for top competition, we will design a lesson program just for you. And… you’ll have the added convenience of learning at your location.

Training Instructions and Coaching

Good riding and training techniques work together. To reach your goals, we analyze what’s going on and then combine techniques that work for you. Over the years, clients have become more confident riders with independence, depth of knowledge, and an edge in showing horses second to none. They know how to ride.

For the off season or when its simply not feasible to stay in full time training, stay tuned up and ready to go back to your trainer with this service.

After all the riding and training, for coaching and show preparation, there’s nothing quite like a judge’s perspective! Tap into 25 years of judging experience. Check out my judging column on where I’ve answered all kinds of questions.


Clinics are tailored to meet the interests of clubs, organizations, individuals, and fund raisers. We do equitation and training, form to function, working western, judging, mounted police training and more.


Looking for the objective opinion of an equine consultant? Buying a horse or selling one? Evaluations, appraisals and legal work. These services have been offered on a national basis by Anne Johnson Equine Consultants since 1984.

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